Management Services for the Western Market

At Kercus we help you effectively plan, prioritize and execute business initiatives. We navigate your business challenges and needs by developing your business strategy to give your business a
competitive advantage in today’s fast-growing market. The successful execution of business strategy requires consistent administration, touch decision making and efficient financial choices.


How We Help

U.S. Services

Kercus was created with the purpose of providing strategic, marketing, account management and consulting services to foreign companies (mostly Russian speaking) in establishing and developing their business presence in US.



Your Strategic Partner

From opening your account to growing and receiving investment, Kercus can help. We make sure that you can focus on your business and not the nuances and issues with growing a business in the United States. We help walk you through the stepping stones to creating a thriving business in the western market.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Help with company formation, bank account set up, EIN, payroll service consulting, company phone setup, PayPal, Stripe and Merchant Services

  • Strategic Planning Consulting on future business development

  • Project Management Managing and implementing projects including budgeting, planning, and hiring

  • Organization Assessment and Planning

  • U.S. market implementation plan, sales lead development, and client relations

  • Investment, valuation and Funding

  • Company valuation services pre or post investment.

  • Investor contacting, relations and company presentation consulting. Including angel investing, venture capital and crowdfunding

  • Financial Analysis - Planning, budgeting and forecasting

  • Business Plan/Executive Summary Needs Business plan development includes white papers, investor presentations, executive summary and investor relations with venture capital or angels

Business Meeting

Administrative Services

Banking, finances, company formation

Campaign Pitch

Strategic Growth

Investors, planning, growth, and sales



What our Clients Have to Say

It has been amazing finding clients in the U.S. and not worrying about the ins and outs of maintaining an account, working with legal, accounting and book keeping. Kercus took care of it all

Outsource Development

Easy, responsive and they know their stuff

Software Product 

Working with the U.S. government we had to have everything in our company established in the U.S. Kercus helped us walk through the account set up, worked with legal to make sure it was all done correctly and everything in between.

Cyber Security


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